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We strive every day to offer our patrons the best selection of Guatemalan and domestic products and food. Our service is personalized and we are to delivery to your home or office every day.


Deli El Chapincito


Deli El Chapincito - Pharmacy

From being stressed out for being forced to stay at home during the pandemic, and having some savings, we found ourselves in the position of having time and some capital.


We carefully assessing all the angles of the situation -and hoping for the best- we decided to make an investment. The best way for us to crystallize that idea was to open a Delis in NYC with typical Guatemalan food and being able to bring here a little bit more of our Guatemalan culture and flavor to Queens and Manhattan’s downtown area.

We open in December 2020, fortunately it has coming well, and we are in our third location thanks to the support of all our people.


We pride ourselves in having the real home-made taste in every single dish we offer you. Made with fresh and original ingredients and -of course!- with lots of Love!

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